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Welcome to Indrasi

The world of Indrasi

Natalie Wright first brought you a sweeping Sci-Fi epic, reimagining the ubiquitous Roswell greys and adding a new alien species for humans to fear. Award-winning, bestselling and praised for its creativity, the H.A.L.F. series continues to delight readers who cannot get enough of aliens, hybrids and government conspiracies.

But Wright has set her sights on a new story—one at once more epic and more human.

From the scorching sands of the Yundai Province to the snowy mountain enclave of Val’Enara, the world of my current work-in-progress is vast and diverse. The main character, Quen, will traverse much of this land as she pursues her goal of bringing her father’s killer to justice.

The catch?

Her father’s murderer is a dragon!

Bringing a dragon to justice…easier said than done.

She thought the scorching dunes and trickster god of winds, Juka, were the worst she would face until she becomes the center of political intrigue in the viper’s den of the capital. Quen will soon discover that the dragon known as Vaghrin may not be the worst she will have to face.

Veye di Solis

Over five years in the making, Wright’s new epic fantasy novel will take readers on an epic journey through the dunes of the Yundai, into a capital city unlike any that has been discovered before, high into the mountain enclave of Val’Enara, deep into the magma-filled home of the enemy, and finally high above it all, soaring with…

An epic journey filled with danger, political intrigue, new cultures and creatures, self-discovery and new love, Indrasi will delight fans of sweeping epics and hero’s journey tales.

In what some have likened to what would happen if the Wheel of Time had a love child with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Natalie Wright’s forthcoming novel is an imaginatively woven epic and breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre.

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