Emily's Heart (Akasha #3)

Emily's Heart, Book 3 of the Akasha Chronicles
by Natalie Wright
Ashley Philips, Cover Model

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Emily's Heart, the third and final book in The Akasha Chronicles series, has been well received since its launch in February, 2014. The Readers' Favorites site even gave it their 5 Star award and their nifty seal of approval.


Seventeen-year-old Emily Adams unintentionally unleashed a shadow god's dark energy power into the world and started an Apocalypse. But Emily is also the only one that can end the dark god's reign. Though the powerful faerie magic of the golden torc is still coiled around her arm, self-doubt threatens to undo her. Emily wants nothing more than to feel the soft kiss of her one true love, but he won't even speak to her. Her first crush is still quite dead and her best friend remains a prisoner in the dark god's house of nightmares. A growing legion of black-eyed shadow people, devoid of conscience, roam the streets. Emily needs help now more than ever, but redemption seems far off indeed as she faces the expanding darkness alone.

Emily will need an army of her own if she is to save the world from being taken over by pure evil. But will a small band of Lucent geeks and freaks be enough to send the dark god packing?

Amidst chaos and ruin, will love blossom in Emily's Heart?

What Reviewers Are Saying about Emily's Heart:

"Excellent! Five stars! A fun, action-packed book with depth!" ~Great Summer Reads for Teens 

"The writing quality is excellent. The teen characters are realistic and would be easy for teens to relate with when they read this book. The suspense is fun, keeps you on edge and satisfied with the twist of the story." ~Jane Jones 

"Excellent for tweens, teens and adults (not girly) with a bit of history, friendship struggles and a mystic quality that keeps you guessing. I recommend purchasing Book 2 at the same time as you will want to read it as soon as you finish this one." ~Kathryn Figaro-Reifsteck 

"All in all, this is a wonderful story of a young girl coming to know herself through facing her own fears and doubts, while recognizing and accelerating her new-found strengths. A great YA novel." ~Dianne Greenlay, Author 

"A well-written and captivating story. Highly recommended." ~RJ Parker 



Music is such an inspiration to me as I write. Emily's Heart is set in a dystopian, Apocalyptic world. While it's set in a dark world, love blossoms. I love "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence and it captures the overall mood of the book very well. These are some of the songs that inspired Emily's Heart, my "soundtrack" for the book:


And here is an excerpt from the Introduction and Prologue.
(All excerpts copyright Natalie Wright, 2014. All rights reserved. May not be used, copied (in any form) or reproduced without express written permission.)

Welcome to the Apocalypse
You shut the door
and dare not look.
You hide from the shadow
that lurks there.

Galloping wildly
in the crevasses of your mind,
it takes up residence
in your grey matter,
content to live
amongst your fears.

Did you see it there,
skulking behind the door?
Did you feel it stalk as
you step into the obsidian night?

Try as you might
to resist its call,
it pulls at you,
both night and day,
like the tide
eating the shore.

Your hope,
like grains of sand.
Pulled inexorably
into the dark sea.

Ciardha became a black wisp and escaped the shadow prison that had been his home since before the Earth was born. He rode the wave of Dark Energy he’d used to send Brighid’s whelp back to Earth. His sister’s energy was so diminished that she had not the strength to contain him any longer. The door to Ciardha’s prison was thrown wide open. After countless millennia of imprisonment in the Umbra Perdita, his Dark Energy was at long last without bounds.
Ciardha pulled Dorcha into the wave of energy with him. They traveled, unnoticed, in wisp form to the human world. They arrived in the graveyard that Brighid’s brat had used to create a portal that she and her friends rode to Ciardha’s world of terrors. Ciardha hovered in the graveyard, a dark pulse of energy that blended into the inky night. He watched, unnoticed, as his sister’s chosen one argued with the two other humans Ciardha had sent back as was required by his accord with his sister.
He reveled in the argument that ensued amongst the humans.
“He lied, Freak Girl. Your little friend isn’t coming back, thanks to you.” The blonde girl spat the words at Brighid’s whelp. Ciardha felt his energy soar as the hurtful words and guilt brought a fresh wave of anguish on the flame-haired girl.
“You’d already lost her,” the boy said. Ciardha could sense her sadness rise as the boy said the words to her.
The blonde one huffed off down the hill and left Brighid’s so-called warrior alone with the boy. Ciardha could feel the girl reach out to him with her longing, and he watched as the boy rejected her.
“It’s too late, Emily. I’m tired of you. Good-bye, Emily Adams,” the boy said. Ciardha watched as the boy walked down the dark hill and away from her. Emily Adams stood alone on the hill and cried.
As her suffering grew, Ciardha’s Dark Energy expanded. She feeds me still, he thought. Ciardha also fed on the sorrow that resonated in the ground and trees and air around him. The cemetery had seen years of loss buried with the bodies of human dead and grief spilled in the tears of mourners. Ciardha pulled the residual anguish from the Earth beneath him and fed well on it.
I will grow strong on your beloved world, sister, Ciardha thought. I shall feed on the dark feelings of your precious humans. I will devour every last drop of their Lucent Energy, the energy you so diligently worked to create for so many of their years. The Universe will at last quake with the power of my Dark Energy.
Ciardha rolled like a tiny black tumbleweed out of the graveyard, and Dorcha followed close behind. The wisp of Dark Energy silently stalked the land of humans in search of Lucent Energy on which to feast.


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