Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Best Tucson Comic-Con Yet!

Halloween is normally a holiday that my household celebrates with gusto. But between my broken foot,

my daughter’s commitment to Inktober (and heavy school workload), we didn’t even put up outdoor decorations for the first time in 15 years!

But we still had a great time hanging out with friends—her in a costume and trick-or-treating, me sitting outside enjoying the cool weather (finally!) and drinking wine.

Now November is here and that means it’s time for Tucson Comic-Con!

This year I’ll have two tables in Artist Alley (Tables 18-19), AND I’ll be on some great author panels. Some local SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) got together to create a slate of entertaining and information panels for Tucson Comic-Con attendees.
Come out to Tucson Comic-Con to support Arizona artists, authors, and crafters. And if you attend, make sure you stop by my table to say hi AND attend the panels!

WHAT: Tucson Comic-Con

WHEN: November 3-5

WHERE: Tucson Convention Center

NOTABLE CELEBRITIES:  Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Gates McFadden (Star Trek),  Barry Bostwick (Actor), Michael Winslow (Police Academy), Ming Chen (Podcaster), Karen Ashley (Yellow Power Ranger) and Others



12:30-1:20 pm:  “Time Out to Kiss: Building Romance when Bullets Fly & Lasers Fire” (moderated by Natalie Wright with Ed Hoornaert & Kathryn Lance)

SUNDAY, 11/5

1:00-1:50 pm: “Epic Sci-Fi & Fantasy Worlds” (Natalie Wright, KJ Kabza & Kathryn Lance)
3:00-3:50 pm: “Too-Perfect Heroes” (Natalie Wright, Ed Hoornaert, Kathryn Lance & Catherine Wells)

*Please note that the online schedule is incorrect as to Natalie's panels. Natalie WILL be on each of the panels listed above.


  1. I missed an event similar to this last month and was wondering when the next one will happen. I'm glad this one is happening so I'll attend this for sure.


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