Thursday, August 24, 2017

Happy Birthday H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS by Natalie Wright
Woo-hoo!! It’a H.A.L.F.: ORIGINS birthday! Woot, woot!

To celebrate, I’m kicking off a month of gift giving because every birthday party needs presents.  

And cake, of course. *licks cake frosting from lips*

I’ll announce other opportunities to get in on free stuff, but I’m not saving best for last. I’m starting with the ORIGINS Mega Giveaway. This one is super simple. Rafflecopter will do most of the work for both of us. All you have to do is enter below.

I’m super excited for you all to read ORIGINS. Not only is it my best book yet, but I’m dying to have people to talk to about the book! The twists, turns and “didn’t see that coming” ending.

See. I can hardly keep my mouth shut.

If you haven’t viewed the book’s webpage, you can do that here. On that page you can read the description, check out the trailer, and hear what book critics have to say. The page also contains all purchase links currently available.

Now what are you waiting for, enter the Mega Giveaway!


  1. We just finished listening to book 2 in time for the release of book 3. We have to listen to them in audio format (Audible) we have been unable to find it on Audible. HELP!

    1. Vince-It is so awesome that you're listening to the audio because I love how Dylan White is bringing H.A.L.F. To life! There will be an audiobook for book 3, but it is still in production. As soon as it is available (which will be in September), I will post news and links here. Thank you for listening to H.A.L.F.!

  2. Do you know of a release date for the audiobook? The anticipation is tangible...

    1. It's looking like beginning of October, Vince. It's a LONG book, so production taking a bit longer than with first two books. Thanks for hanging in there- soon!

    2. The anticipation is killing us!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This book was something else. I simply loved this book. My sister is also writing one and I have planned to help her in her book launch. I have shortlisted some of the beautiful event venues Chicago for that. There are a lot of things that I still have to organize.


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