Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Meet the Future Ruler of the World - Elizabeth "Lizzy" Croft

Last week I introduced you to William Croft, leader of The Makers. William took over leading the world's most powerful organization (that no one has ever heard of) when his father died. William has been quietly ruling the world since he was in his early 30's.

Now in his early 70's, it's time for him to groom young blood to take over when he's gone. Not that he plans on leaving any time soon, mind you. (But then again, neither did his father.)

William had three sons with his wife, all of them disappointments in one way or another to their father. None of them had the brass cajones required for the job of top boss of the world's most powerful elite.

Then along came Elizabeth.
Emilia Clarke would be perfect as
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Croft in The Makers
Affectionately called "Lizzy" by her father, Lizzy was the product of the dalliance William had with the only person he ever came close to loving. From the moment he laid eyes on her, Lizzy was William's favorite child.

She trained at her father's knee from the time she was born. Lizzy went to the best schools, met all the right people, and made all the right friends.

And she'd kill any one of them without hesitation if her father told her to.

She's an obedient child. Heir apparent to more money - and power - than most of us can imagine.
Emilia Clarke
But is she as obedient as her father thinks? Does Lizzy hunger for more than just being the daughter of the most powerful man in the world? And is she willing wait her turn to rule?

She has charisma, charm, smarts and beauty. What will happen when Jack Wilson meets her? ;-)

Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen (aka Khaleesi) in the Game of Thrones television series would be the perfect Lizzy Croft. Anyone who can pull off the part of eating a raw heart while still managing to look hot would be great as Lizzy Croft! Beautiful, brainy and fearless. That's Lizzy Croft.
Emilia Clarke

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Meet the Maker - William Croft

One of the best parts of creating a new novel? Developing a new character. And it's particularly enjoyable when the new character is a "baddie."

If you've read The Deep Beneath (Book 1 of the H.A.L.F. Series), you may have a "love to hate" relationship with Commander Lilly Sturgis. She really can be a nasty wench, huh?

If the book were to ever be made into a movie, Charlize Theron would be a great Commander Sturgis. I wouldn't have thought that until I saw her in Snow White and the Huntsman. Theron's evil queen was the highlight of that movie (well, and Chris Hemsworth, of course ;-). Can you see her as Commander Sturgis?
Charlize Theron in  Snow White and the Huntsman
As nasty as Sturgis can be, I have something delicious in store for readers in book 2, The Makers.

Meet William Croft III, head of the covert organization known at The Makers. William people. Never call him Bill or Will or any such nonsense.
Jeremy Irons could play William Croft, III
The Makers, Book 2 of the H.A.L.F. Series
This British gentleman took over top spot of the most powerful organization in the world when his aging father met a - shall we say - unforeseen end (that William may or may not have had a hand in). William's father may have been the mastermind behind the secret deal with the greys back in 1953, but William is the one behind A.H.D.N.A. and the creation of Aphthartos.
Jeremy Irons
But what, exactly, is his plan? And what's the real story behind A.H.D.N.A.?

I'm not telling. Yet. You'll have to wait for Book 2 to find out.

In the meantime, feast on pics of Jeremy Irons who would be my pick to play William Croft. Jeremy is a dead ringer for how I've pictured William. Stately. Commanding. Good looking but not a "beautiful" person. Powerful. Smart.

And ruthless.
Jeremy Irons from The Borgias
Perfect to play William Croft, III in The Makers
Seriously, wouldn't you love to see Charliez Theron and Jeremy Irons in a film together?

Bonus points to anyone who knows what fictional character Williams Croft's name pays homage to. :-D

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