Friday, March 8, 2013

Cover Time! Help Choose the Cover for Emily's Heart

It feels like we just chose the cover for Emily's Trial, Book 2 of the Akasha Chronicles, but it's time to choose the next cover!

When Teresa Yeh, fantasy photographer extraordinaire, did the cover shoot for book 2, I asked her to also take some photos that may be appropriate for book 3, Emily's Heart. My thinking was that we would then have the same "Emily" on the cover of both books 2 and 3.

And I think Ashley Phillips, the model playing Emily on the cover of Emily's Trial, looks great as Emily.

The third book is titled "Emily's Heart", and although Emily will spend most of the book in a post-apocalyptic world of darkness, love is the theme of the book. So So I wanted Emily to have a softer look to reflect the romance elements of Book 3. We've had two covers with Emily looking fairly bad ass! I thought showing the softer side could be cool.

Here is the photo that I chose from the photo shoot as a possible candidate for Emily's Heart:
Ashley Philips as Emily Adams
Photography by Teresa Yeh
Keep in mind that the cover artist, Claudia at PhatPuppy Art, will work her magic to take the photo from this:

To this:

What do you think of the wistful look of Ashely in the photo above? Does it appeal to you?

But wait, I was looking through photos that Claudia had sent me as possible covers for book 1, Emily's House, and I came across this:

Art copyright Claudia McKinny, PhatPuppy Art
Something about this one is drawing me in. The colors are black and dark - brooding even. Yet there is the flash of her red hair in contrast. Okay, Emily would never wear a dress like that (except for maybe if she was going to prom), but still, I like the feel of it.

What do you think? Which cover idea do you like the best? What do you look for in a cover?

GIVEAWAY TIME! I know y'all are opinionated and probably don't need an enticement to deliver your ideas, but just in case you think about holding back, let me reel you in with a giveaway. I'll leave this open to your comments until March 31, 2013, at which time I'll choose one lovely commenter to receive a digital copy of Emily's Trial :-) Just enter in the Rafflecopter below and boosh! You're on your way.

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