Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Writer Chat Wednesday with the Fascinating Jennifer Devore

Jennifer Devore, photo by Magali deVulpillieres
My guest today for Writer Chat is Jennifer Devore. Her newest title is The Darlings of Orange County.

Jennifer is witty, smart and beautiful - and those qualities come through in her writing. Even when attempting to write a "cheap" book full of sex and fun, it still comes out as smart and witty (but don't get me wrong - it's sexy too!).

I recently sat down for a Skype chat with Jennifer and we discussed her newest title, The Darlings of Orange County. Lucky for you I hit the record button. Check it out:

You can connect with Jennifer here:
Twitter @JennyPopNet

You can purchase Jennifer's books on Amazon:

And be sure to check out her historical fiction:

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  1. Thank you, Miss Natalie, for a lovely interview! Your affable manner and well-researched queries made a Skype interview tres simple for this nervous-on-camera kind of gal :)


    Jennifer ;)

    P.S. I will be having more than fun at Comic-con this summer! Look for posts and pics via my blog, my official site and a few other geek-sites for which I scribe. :)


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