Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice!

Okay, the summer solstice was officially June 20 at 23:09 GMT this year so I'm a tad late in wishing you a joyous midsummer. But hey, there's still plenty of time to enjoy the languid days of summer.

As for me, Summer Solstice 2012 was spent in a modern interpretation of ancient rites.

In days of the old, they lit bonfires.

A bonfire in Ă…lesund, Norway marks the summer solstice.
Huge Bonfire in Norway on Summer Solstice. Photo by Geir Halvorsen
We decided to forgo the bonfire. It was 110 here yesterday (105 in the shade). If we lit a bonfire, it would probably burn down half the county. Our heat was supplied by the sun. No need to amplify the effect with fire.

Our ancestors gathered together, feasted and drank mead.
Paramount Pictures
We gathered - with about 26,000 others from our community - and watched the Diamondbacks play the Seattle Mariners. Gathering with friends, family and total strangers to watch sport. Perhaps it's our modern equivalent of the bonfire gatherings of old?

first view of chase field.JPG
We feasted - on chili dogs, hamburgers, pizza, fries and ice cream. There was no mutton or game roasted over the fire. But you could smell the odor of popcorn and hot dogs on the street outside the stadium, the smell of a feast beckoning you in.


And mead - okay it wasn't mead, but malty beverages were enjoyed. Several beverages.

But most importantly, we took a day off of work, summer camp, and responsibility to gather and enjoy each other's company and revel in the joys of the season. Good times, good times.

Friends & Family enjoying the Diamondbacks game
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How did you spend the solstice? Did you do anything special to celebrate? Or was it just another day for you?

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