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Writer Chat Wednesday: Addison Moore!!

Welcome to Writer Chat Wednesday on Nat's YA. Today I welcome YA-Indie-Paranormal-Romance-Fabulous Writer Addison Moore, a bestselling author - and more!

NATALIE WRIGHT (NW):  Addison, you’re the author of the very popular Celestra series. For readers not familiar with it, can you fill them in?

ADDISON MOORE (AM): The Celestra Series follows Skyla Messenger as she and her family move to Paragon Island. Skyla discovers her unique ability to read minds stems from the fact she has Nephilim heritage.

NW: This series has been very popular and you recently had some exciting news. Can you share that with us?

AM: Recently the Celestra series was optioned for film with the intent of turning it into a TV series, by 20th Century Fox. This has been both an amazing and humbling experience. I’m thrilled to go on this adventure and see what the future holds for Celestra!

NW: We all want the details! Do you know when the series will begin to air and who will be in it and - well, anything you can share with us about it?

AM: I know, right? Lol! Me, too! I don’t have any details yet, but as soon as something trickles my way I will gladly share whatever details I’m able to obtain. I’m hoping to hang out at casting. I think more than anything else seeing the characters that are so alive in my mind come to life will be amazing.

NW: You have self-published the Celestra series. Do you want to or plan to work with a major publishing house on this series or any future works?

AM: I am self-published I don’t have anything traditionally published but I do have a literary agent. Strange, I know. You see, I signed a contract with my fab and brilliant agent in January of 2011 and decided to make a U-turn and self-publish in March of the same year. Rachelle has been nothing but supportive of my endeavor, but that’s as far as she’s delved into the Celestra Series. My husband and I do all of the cover work, I upload and format the books myself with the exception of Smashwords, I have a formatter for that platform. I also have a professional editor that goes through each manuscript with me. *Hi Sarah!*

 As for traditional publishing, I don’t know. I’ll be honest I would love distribution for paper books. I don’t have any paper books right now, so distribution isn’t an issue, but one day it would be nice to see my books in the bookstore. On the other side of the coin there are e-book rights. Those, I am loathe to part with, so that might be the traditional deal killer for me. We shall see what the future holds there as well. 

NW: So you went straight from self-publishing to a T.V. series without a publishing contract?! Just goes to show how things are shifting and changing in the world of media. Did you try to get a publishing contract for the Celestra series or did you go straight to self-pubbing?

AM: I self-published at the end of last March (2011). After I put out ETHEREAL then I began TREMBLE the next book in the series. I never really looked back. Just before I put out the third book in the series I received a call from my literary agent and she informed me that 20th Century Fox was interested. It was quite a thrill. I think it’s safe to declare all barriers for indie writers are virtually no more. Readers decide what they pick up, they vote with their dollars. You no longer need the marketing machine of a big house behind you to find your niche or your readers. 

NW: How long have you been a writer?

AM: Like forever. Seriously. As far as keeping regular hours and being consistent with my work I would have to say over twelve years. More than twelve actually, but there were sporadic breaks and lots of children were involved.  

NW: Do you have a "day job" in addition to being an author?

AM: After earning my Bachelors degree I worked on a locked psychiatric unit for seven years. It was a learning experience that seasoned me in ways I could never have imagined. I learned a lot about people, compassion and group dynamics and how important it is for everyone to have a great support system in place. Eventually the unit closed and I was fortunate enough to stay home with my 4 kids.

NW: Well if you have 4 kids, you definitely have a day job – okay a 24-hour job! I don’t know how you have time to be such a prolific writer with 4 kids?! You’re an example of it you want to do something badly enough, you find a way to make it work (I’m channeling Tim Gunn right now – “Make it work people.”)

Okay, besides the Celestra books, do you have any other projects in the works or upcoming titles?

AM: Yes! I’m working hard on the first book in The Countenance, EPHEMERAL. I always thought it might be fun to learn a little more about the Counts and what makes them tick. The Countenance are another faction of angels featured in the Celestra Series. I have yet another series outlined and will be starting that one in February.     

NW: For any aspiring or newbie writers out there, what advice would you give them?

AM: Read everything in your genre. Write every single day if you can. Just those two acts alone will bring you further than you can image.

Also, Dream big.

Great advice Addison! Thanks again for stopping by my blog as best of luck with the T.V. series. If you enjoy paranormal romance, you should definitely check out the Celestra series.


Here's how you can connect with Addison:

Addison Moore
Author of the Celestra Series

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