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Fierce Reading Blog Tour!!!

Come join the fun on my first ever blog tour! The tour runs from 2/16-2/29. Check out these amazing book blogs for reviews of Emily's House, interviews with moi, guest posts and GIVEAWAYS! Lots of Giveaways. Just click on the link & go have fun :-D

February 29 - Last stop on the tour, head over to Jaclyn's Musings for a review and Giveaway! 

February 28- Stop by Celtic Lady's Reviews and read the latest review of Emily's House and check out her very cool site.

Celticlady's Reviews

February 27 - Hop on over to This is From My Heart Book Lovers Paradise for the latest stop on my blog tour. Janeira has a fun interview with moi and other fun stuff. Check it out!

February 24 - Read the latest 5 Star Review of Emily's House and enter a Giveaway at Books Complete Me. And hang around and check out her very wonderful book blog!!

February 23 - Check out my Guest Post at Literary Exploration to hear the true story of what inspired me to write Emily's House! A story that may be stranger than the fiction ;-)

February 22 - Head over to Heather Robbins' awesome blog, SupaGurl Books to read my guest post there and find out my favorite books and more.

SupaGurl Books

February 21 - THREE great blogs to check out. Head on over to Amanda's Writings to enter her awesome domestic and International Giveaway.

Then check out my latest 5 Star Review of Emily's House on Chocolate Coffee Books (what more could we want?!). Thank you Neriah for your read & review.

And then head over to Indie Author How-To and check out Lakisha's blog.

February 20, join me on Lisa Ann Richard's blog, Lisa Loves Books, where you can read her review of Emily's House AND enter her giveaway! So hop on over and join the fun!

February 17, join me on Marlene Frierson's blog, Read with Love where you can read her interview with moi and explore her site to enter giveaways and check out her reviews.

First stop on February 16 is Krystal Larson's cool site Live to Read. Click on the link to read her review of Emily's House and leave a comment on her blog to be entered in a giveaway! And if you leave a comment here to, you'll be entered in two giveaways - how easy is that?

Live to Read

Show the love on these great book blogs by following them and posting comments. These lovely ladies read, review and host giveaways just for the love of books and none of them are paid for hosting their blogs or paid for reviews. So show the love for book bloggers!

And remember, for the entire month of February, post a comment here on any blog post OR post a comment on my Facebook page and you are automatically entered into the February Book Giveaway Contest. Check out this post for complete contest details. Post early. Post often!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Writer Chat Wednesday: The Gift of Allowing

I am hard at work putting together more insightful, fun, informative and provocative Writer Chat's with wonderful authors from around the globe. Today the writer chat is with . . .


Here's a word I've been thinking about a lot this week: Allow

I started the week with a wonderful Chakra Reading and block removal with the wonderful Rosemary Sneeringer, aka The Book Nurturer. It was a powerful process that brought much clarity to my writing process and simmering projects. But the word that most stuck with me was "allow."

Allow what? What do I mean by allow?

Allow abundance. Allow ideas. Allow inspiration. Allow all the wonderful things that are flowing toward me to come.

Can you relate to this? Do you ever put up walls or barricades or dams to ebb the flow of abundance that is flowing to you?

My experience with it is that I will go through periods where I'm "in the zone." It's like I'm riding the river and going with the current and everything is lining up and buzzing in the right way. It was during such a period that I won my trip to Ireland I had so desperately wanted (read about that bit of magic here). I've manifested other wonderful things while riding the current.

But then it happens - life throws you a curve ball. It always will. We should expect it. But we don't. We're in the stream, riding the ride of life, having fun and them WHAM! Shit happens. We're thrown off course, the waters are turbulent - hell we may even get thrown from the boat! We're in the roiling waters flailing our arms, kicking and screaming and trying to get back in the boat or at least make it to shore alive.

When the waters get rough that is the time we most need to allow but that is also the time it is most difficult to relax. Allow means letting go.  Allow means forgetting our useless attempts to control. Allow. Let it Be.

The beautiful thing about my time with Rosemary was not that it told me anything I didn't already know - at least on some level - but that it reminded me in a powerful way that the missing component was the allow part. I need to get out of my own way. Do you relate to this?

Time to relax. Let it go. Allow.

In the words of McCartney & Lennon:
There will be an answer, let it be . . . 
Is there anything that you're not allowing? Are you riding the stream and enjoying the ride? Or are you paddling like mad against the current, fighting it every step of the way?

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Manic Monday: Can Fun Conquer Fear?

Disney Dream Christening Fireworks Display
Joe Burbank, Orlando Sentinel

My nine-year-old daughter has two major fears: Flying in airplanes and being on boats. The fear of flying is so great in her, she trembles during takeoff, her face ashen with fear. She's a trooper and rises to the challenge, but it terrifies her so much that this year we thought "road trip." Sort of a "Griswold" family vacation, driving to California and seeing some of America's wonders. Not the thrilling adventure that I tend to enjoy, but hey, these are the types of sacrifices we make for our kids.

People who see my daughter and I together call her a "Mini Me." We look a lot a like and have many things in common. But I'm an adventurous person at heart. I'm no dare devil, but I tend to be more on the risk taking side of things. Summer vacation, to me, is foremost an opportunity to see new things. Go places I've never been. The more exotic the better. Oh, and if you can throw in warm water for snorkeling and white sand, I'm there.

I remember the first time I flew and remember loving it. The thrill of the take off - my heart pounding and the excitement of seeing the big old Earth become so wee that you can't even make out houses or cars or even skyscrapers. I still enjoy takeoff and would love flying still if it weren't for the fact that airport security, wait times, scanners and surliness have made flying pretty much suck.

But alas my "Mini Me" hates heights, is terrified of take off, and would rather ride in her van for 14 hours with her parents than get in a plane. 

So it was to my utmost surprise when she said she wanted to go on a Disney Cruise this summer.

"You want to ride for days on a boat?!"

She looked it up on the Internet. She pointed to the commercials on T.V.

"You do realize we would have to fly for a long time just to get to Florida then get on a boat where you'll be for days?"

"That's true," she said with a look of disappointment and worry shadowing her face.

I could see the desire. A mad desire welling in her like I've not seen except for in the month of December when she's beside herself with anticipation for her favorite day of the year.

"Why do you want to go?"

"I don't know mom. It's just calling to me. I feel like I'm meant to go."

Magical words to a mom who believes in fate and serendipity. How can I deny her opportunity to meet up with destiny?

We watched videos about cruising. Read the brochures. Talked about what it would be like. A few days later she said,

"I can do this."

"You want to go?"

"I want to go so bad I'm even willing to fly!"

I saw the steely determination in her eyes lit with the joy of expectation. The call of adventure has lit a fire in her. The desire for fun, overcoming the obstacle of her fear.

Bon Voyage my little one.

Have you ever overcome a fear? How did you do it? Are there any fears that you have that paralyze you or prevent you from doing something that you want to do?

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writer Chat Wednesday: Joanna Penn!

Joanna Penn, Author
Welcome to Writer Chat Wednesday where each week I get inside the mind of some of my favorite authors. This week I have a very special Writer Chat, via Skype, with British author Joanna Penn. If aren't yet familiar with Joanna's work, let me be the first to introduce you to this fabulous author. Eavesdrop on our Skype Chat which took place February 2, 2012:

Joanna Penn is the author the thriller Arkane series. Her first book in the series, is Pentacost.

Pentacost was released January 6, 2011. Joanna's most recent release is Prophecy.

You can view my full review of Prophecy here. And you can view my Goodreads review of Pentacost here.

If you are a writer and you aren't already a follower of Joanna's popular blog, The Creative Penn, then go check it out. Joanna provides some of the most consistently helpful advice for writers that you'll find anywhere.

Connect with Joanna!

Have you read Pentacost or Prophecy? If so, what did you think? 
Do you enjoy reading books in the thriller genre? Are there Indie authors you'd like read or see a chat with?

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Monday, February 6, 2012

The 3 Best Things about SuperBowl Sunday, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday 2012. One of those days in the year when just about the entire United States is watching the same thing at the same time. A collective experience, perhaps without equal. It's odd when you think about.

A significant portion of the people watching the Super Bowl aren't even regular football fans. People who may watch no other game the whole season sit through the Super Bowl. I wonder why?

Perhaps it's the legacy of "must see" commercials (this year was a yawn). Or the legendary half-time shows (U2, the Rolling Stones and you know we're all just waiting for another nipple incident). The Super Bowl is part of the collective ("We are borg"). Maybe we all watch because we know that it is the thing that everyone will be talking about come Monday and we don't want to be left out of the conversation. Or maybe it's just fun being a part of something.

I'm not a mega football fan. Most of the time I'd rather read the back of a cereal box than watch pro football. But I watch the Super Bowl every year with my hubby, my daughter and even our dog curls up on the couch with us to watch. Here are the highlights for me of the 2012 Super Bowl Sunday:

3. Madonna's halftime show. Some years we are blessed with great bands like the Rolling Stones. No stage show really needed. Just kick back and enjoy the music.
But when Madonna hits the stage, you know she's going to use the whole stadium. It was more like an Olympics opening ceremony than a football game halftime. And that's the way I like it!
I want to see and hear the show and Madonna didn't disappoint.
Okay, the cheerleader part was a bit off.
But like a prayer with my man, Cee Lo Green! Shut up.
Madonna & Cee Lo Green crooning "Like a Prayer," Photo courtesy Mark Humphrey AP

2. Two hits of Cee Lo Green. Not only did we get to experience Cee Lo singing with Madonna (a dream concert ticket for me), but then I got to soak him up after the game on The Voice. I know he didn't sing. But I got to hear him talk and just soak of the Cee Lo-ness of him. My favorite quote of the night: "With the lights out, everyone's the same color." Cee Lo speaking it like it is.

Cee Lo Green The Voice
Cee Lo Green, courtesy NBC
1. And the absolute best part of Super Bowl Sunday? Spending the whole day with my family. Cooking. Eating. Laughing. Watching football and commercials and a blond woman in her fifties rocking the stage. We all experienced the same thing together. What can be better than that?

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What did you think of the halftime show? Did you notice the "finger malfunction"? Tell us about your Super Bowl Sunday experience!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

February Show the Love for Readers Book Giveaway

floral hearts

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Contest closes February 29 and winners will be announced here, on the blog, March 1.

**Fine Print**

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. You must be at least 13 years of age to enter. 

That's it! Enter early. Enter often. Spread the news.

Best of Luck!

And to get comments going, enquiring minds want to know, how do you like to celebrate Valentine's Day? (Remember, this blog if for all ages so keep it clean! ; )

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writer Chat Wednesday: Addison Moore!!

Welcome to Writer Chat Wednesday on Nat's YA. Today I welcome YA-Indie-Paranormal-Romance-Fabulous Writer Addison Moore, a bestselling author - and more!

NATALIE WRIGHT (NW):  Addison, you’re the author of the very popular Celestra series. For readers not familiar with it, can you fill them in?

ADDISON MOORE (AM): The Celestra Series follows Skyla Messenger as she and her family move to Paragon Island. Skyla discovers her unique ability to read minds stems from the fact she has Nephilim heritage.

NW: This series has been very popular and you recently had some exciting news. Can you share that with us?

AM: Recently the Celestra series was optioned for film with the intent of turning it into a TV series, by 20th Century Fox. This has been both an amazing and humbling experience. I’m thrilled to go on this adventure and see what the future holds for Celestra!

NW: We all want the details! Do you know when the series will begin to air and who will be in it and - well, anything you can share with us about it?

AM: I know, right? Lol! Me, too! I don’t have any details yet, but as soon as something trickles my way I will gladly share whatever details I’m able to obtain. I’m hoping to hang out at casting. I think more than anything else seeing the characters that are so alive in my mind come to life will be amazing.

NW: You have self-published the Celestra series. Do you want to or plan to work with a major publishing house on this series or any future works?

AM: I am self-published I don’t have anything traditionally published but I do have a literary agent. Strange, I know. You see, I signed a contract with my fab and brilliant agent in January of 2011 and decided to make a U-turn and self-publish in March of the same year. Rachelle has been nothing but supportive of my endeavor, but that’s as far as she’s delved into the Celestra Series. My husband and I do all of the cover work, I upload and format the books myself with the exception of Smashwords, I have a formatter for that platform. I also have a professional editor that goes through each manuscript with me. *Hi Sarah!*

 As for traditional publishing, I don’t know. I’ll be honest I would love distribution for paper books. I don’t have any paper books right now, so distribution isn’t an issue, but one day it would be nice to see my books in the bookstore. On the other side of the coin there are e-book rights. Those, I am loathe to part with, so that might be the traditional deal killer for me. We shall see what the future holds there as well. 

NW: So you went straight from self-publishing to a T.V. series without a publishing contract?! Just goes to show how things are shifting and changing in the world of media. Did you try to get a publishing contract for the Celestra series or did you go straight to self-pubbing?

AM: I self-published at the end of last March (2011). After I put out ETHEREAL then I began TREMBLE the next book in the series. I never really looked back. Just before I put out the third book in the series I received a call from my literary agent and she informed me that 20th Century Fox was interested. It was quite a thrill. I think it’s safe to declare all barriers for indie writers are virtually no more. Readers decide what they pick up, they vote with their dollars. You no longer need the marketing machine of a big house behind you to find your niche or your readers. 

NW: How long have you been a writer?

AM: Like forever. Seriously. As far as keeping regular hours and being consistent with my work I would have to say over twelve years. More than twelve actually, but there were sporadic breaks and lots of children were involved.  

NW: Do you have a "day job" in addition to being an author?

AM: After earning my Bachelors degree I worked on a locked psychiatric unit for seven years. It was a learning experience that seasoned me in ways I could never have imagined. I learned a lot about people, compassion and group dynamics and how important it is for everyone to have a great support system in place. Eventually the unit closed and I was fortunate enough to stay home with my 4 kids.

NW: Well if you have 4 kids, you definitely have a day job – okay a 24-hour job! I don’t know how you have time to be such a prolific writer with 4 kids?! You’re an example of it you want to do something badly enough, you find a way to make it work (I’m channeling Tim Gunn right now – “Make it work people.”)

Okay, besides the Celestra books, do you have any other projects in the works or upcoming titles?

AM: Yes! I’m working hard on the first book in The Countenance, EPHEMERAL. I always thought it might be fun to learn a little more about the Counts and what makes them tick. The Countenance are another faction of angels featured in the Celestra Series. I have yet another series outlined and will be starting that one in February.     

NW: For any aspiring or newbie writers out there, what advice would you give them?

AM: Read everything in your genre. Write every single day if you can. Just those two acts alone will bring you further than you can image.

Also, Dream big.

Great advice Addison! Thanks again for stopping by my blog as best of luck with the T.V. series. If you enjoy paranormal romance, you should definitely check out the Celestra series.


Here's how you can connect with Addison:

Addison Moore
Author of the Celestra Series

*     *     *

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