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Top 3 Things You Want in a Content Development Editor

1. Honest, Helpful Critique (backed up by experience)

Have you tried to get honest feedback, but the only person you can get to read your manuscript is your mom (or  spouse, best friend, etc.)?

Perhaps you’ve been in a critique group, and while the advice was helpful at first, it now seems repetitive, stale or plain unhelpful.

Most writers have a difficult time finding qualified people to read and critique their work. 

All writers need feedback. It’s the only way to grow as a writer. We need to know what we’re doing that works, and what we could improve upon.

If you’ve been feeling this way, you may benefit from the services of a Content Development Editor (CDE). A CDE will read your entire manuscript and provide feedback throughout.

Content Development & Editing Service by Award-Winning Author Natalie Wright

Before Natalie was an award-winning author of six published novels, she was a Notes Editor for a prestigious law journal. She has the mind of an editor and the heart of a writer. If you’re ready to take your manuscript to the next level, Natalie can help you get there.

Seeing the need for authors to get honest, affordable feedback on their manuscripts, she began offering her content development services. Former clients have garnered publishing contracts on novels that Natalie helped develop. Would you like to be next?

Whether you plan to pursue a publishing contract or intend to self-publish, a CDE will help you kick your manuscript up a notch.

Ask Natalie Questions About Her CDE Services

2. Affordable

If you've searched for a CDE, you know that hiring a CDE can run thousands of dollars per manuscript. You know you need feedback, but who can afford those prices?

For many first-time novelists, an investment of many hundreds or even thousands of dollars doesn't make sense. Some writers say, "I just want someone to read my story and tell me what they think!"

Natalie began offering her affordable content development services because she saw the need for writers to receive honest, educated feedback without having to mortgage their house to do it.

Natalie will charge you between $175-$300 for a complete read and comment on your manuscript (complete fee breakdown below).


Not sure what a CDE can deliver? Curious about what value Natalie can bring to your project?

Why not request a sample edit? Natalie will provide a complimentary content development edit of the first five pages of your manuscript before you commit.

Send Natalie Your First Five Pages

Client M.H. Vessuer said, “I was amazed at the hard work she delivered for the fee.”

3. Timely

Once you take the step to hire a CDE, you don’t want to wait six months (or more) to get the feedback you paid for. You need the input now, not later.

Natalie delivers timely feedback on schedule. She’ll let you know up front, before you pay the fee, exactly when she'll have your manuscript back to you.

For most manuscripts most of the time, you can expect a two to three week turnaround.*

(*These estimates are not a guarantee, but rather a typical turnaround most of the year for most projects. As stated, you will receive a promised return of work date for your project when you hire Natalie.)

Endorsements for Natalie Wright’s Content Development Editing Service:

I was fortunate enough to have Natalie edit my novel. She has terrific insight into character and plot development. She was extremely thorough and has taken my novel to the next level. She is professional and committed to the craft of writing. I would highly recommend Natalie's services.” - M. Conlon

“Natalie Wright has this wonderful talent: she understands what I’m trying to achieve with my novels and my style, but at the same time she confronts me with the faults in my writing. Natalie combines sympathy for what I’m trying to achieve with a tough editorial approach. I was also amazed at the hard work she delivered for the fee. My next novel will be better because of her work (and mine, as a result…), no doubt about it.” - M.H. Vessuer

Natalie CDE Services—

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Inline comments throughout your Word document. This is a detailed critique provided for the entire manuscript. Natalie will note elements within the story that work, but also areas where the writing falls short. Attention will be paid to character development, pacing, plot, classical structure elements, show vs. tell, and other elements that make for a great story.

Natalie will point out places where she’s an engaged and happy reader, delighted by your language or moved by your prose. After all, it’s important for every writer to learn not only what needs improvement but also what they do well. Natalie’s goal as a CDE is to encourage writer’s to keep going—to keep working on their craft. As a writer, she is keenly aware of the fragile writer ego inside even the most experienced writers. Her intent is to provide meaningful feedback that will assist the writer to see ways that he or she can continue to elevate their writing.

2. In addition to comments throughout the Word doc, Natalie will provide a brief email note summarizing her insights, recommendations and final takeaway thoughts on your project. This will be a condensed version of the whole manuscript edit.

What you will NOT get:

A line, copy edit, proofread or final polish edit. If you make the same grammatical or punctuation mistake repeatedly, Natalie will point it out. However, the CDE is NOT a line edit. Natalie is not a professional grammarian or proofreader. A CDE is for the big picture, not the fine detail.

What kind of manuscripts will you read?

I will accept most types of FICTION manuscripts, but will not accept the following: Erotica; anything with child sexual abuse, rape, child or animal abuse or cruelty; anything over 200,000 words long.

How much does it cost?

Up to 75,000 words:           $175

75,000 to 100,000 words:   $200

100,000 to 150,000 words: $225

150,000 to 200,000 words: $300

*Discounts are given if you want a second read of a manuscript that I previously edited.

I’m ready to kick my manuscript up a notch! How do I hire Natalie?

Simply click this link to email Natalie. In the email, let her know the following:

1. Manuscript Word Count

2. Genre

3. A brief description of the story (think back cover blurb, 200 words or less)

4. If you need the feedback within a particular time frame, let her know that as well. 


Natalie will reply to your email letting you know if she is available to take on your project or not. If she accepts your project, she will provide instructions on what to send and invoice you for the project. Work does not begin on your project until the invoice if paid in full (with the exception of any arrangement made for the first five pages offer noted above).

About Natalie:

Natalie Wright, Author
Before retiring in 2013 to pursue her writing dream full-time, Natalie practiced law for nearly twenty years. She was a Notes Editor for the Ohio State Law Journal and wrote legal articles published in various publications throughout her legal career. 

Natalie has published six novels and is working on her seventh. She’s the author of the Young Adult Fantasy series The Akasha Chronicles and the award-winning Science Fiction series H.A.L.F. Book 1 of the series, The Deep Beneath, was chosen by Library Journal to be part of their curated eBook collection; chosen as a semi-finalist in the Kindle Review Book Awards; a Silver Medalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards; and Second Place in the Beach Book Festival book awards. The Makers, her second novel in the H.A.L.F. series, was also chosen by Library Journal, received a Gold Medal from Literary Titan, and received multiple five star editorial reviews from the likes of Clarion Forewords, Wishing Shelf Reviews, Underground Book Reviews and others.

Natalie appears frequently as a guest and panelist at comic cons throughout the western U.S.

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