Coming Soon

Natalie has been working on her debut epic fantasy novel for over five years. The forthcoming novel (tentatively titled Season of the Dragon) was inspired by Natalie’s love of dragon lore and her study of Feng Shui and elemental magic. The five-book series, epic in scope, will introduce readers to a new dragon mythos and magic inspired by world myths, legends, magic, and lore.
Season of the Dragon will appeal to fans of The Wheel of Time, Dragonriders of Pern, and role-playing games such as Skyrim, Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls.

To avenge her father’s death, a young woman vows to kill a dragon. But her quest is waylaid when she begins transforming into the very thing she vowed to destroy.

QUEN (19) is a misfit in her nomadic herding culture. Detested by animals, no herd clan will have her. In the harsh Yundai sands, people prefer death to a life without a tribe. While waiting to hear if her father’s application on her behalf to Val’Enara—the Pillar of Water—has been accepted, a dragon destroys her village and kills her beloved father. Quen vows to slay the culprit, VAHGRIN, and avenge her father and her people. In an epic journey that takes her to the far reaches of the Dynasty, Quen begins to change—both internally and physically. While she’s learning how to find her way in the world, she starts the metamorphosis of a changeling. With the pain and confusion of this mysterious alteration comes exciting and dangerous new abilities. The friends she makes along the way give her a new sense of belonging—and purpose. She’ll need all the help she can get as she takes a huge step toward becoming what she was born to be: the Winter Dragon.