About Natalie

Epic Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author, mom, wife, cat-wrangler, world traveler and lifelong nerd. One of two tipsy geeks at Tipsy Nerds Book Club podcast. Insatiably curious.

When not writing, reading or podcasting, Natalie enjoys traveling, hiking in the desert and gaming (Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age are her favorites). You may find her hanging out at comic-cons throughout the western U.S. Currently working on her first epic fantasy series for adults (there be dragons in the pages), Natalie has previously published six novels for young adults including her award-winning debut Sci-Fi series, H.A.L.F. (Human-Alien Life Form): The Deep Beneath, The Makers, and ORIGINS. Clarion Forewords editorial reviews: “Conflicts with alien races are given enormous depth in this engrossingly written science fiction novel.” ~Forewords Clarion Reviews. (Available in eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audiobook wherever books are sold.)

Natalie is represented by Shannon Orso of Victress Literary.