Saturday, January 13, 2018

Have you ever spent more than six months developing a world and characters for an epic fantasy story, only to have a new story idea come along and demand that you work on it?

PENuary’s daily writing has got my creative motor on overdrive and a shiny new story idea that is begging for me to pay attention to it. Like dreaming about it, daydreaming, researching, over-the-top obsessed, driving my family nuts talking about it constantly, I NEED TO WRITE THIS STORY!

So, the epic fantasy is on hold for the indefinite future. Hello, new Sci-Fi story.

And, the need to name lots of characters. Hence, a new poll.

Here’s a photo that is a good resemblance to the character I have in mind (without the flowers!). Her defining features are the freckles across her hose, bright blue eyes and amazingly thick, dark eyebrows.

This character is between 12-14 at the beginning of the story. She is smart, quirky and creative. She plays piano but is also a math genius. She lives in an apartment with her dad (a scientist and professor) and her dog. The setting for the story is a world inspired by our world at the beginning of the 20th century (from 1910-1920).

Photo by Cajo Gomes via Unsplash

What name do you think would be the best for this character? 

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