Saturday, January 13, 2018

Have you ever spent more than six months developing a world and characters for an epic fantasy story, only to have a new story idea come along and demand that you work on it?

PENuary’s daily writing has got my creative motor on overdrive and a shiny new story idea that is begging for me to pay attention to it. Like dreaming about it, daydreaming, researching, over-the-top obsessed, driving my family nuts talking about it constantly, I NEED TO WRITE THIS STORY!

So, the epic fantasy is on hold for the indefinite future. Hello, new Sci-Fi story.

And, the need to name lots of characters. Hence, a new poll.

Here’s a photo that is a good resemblance to the character I have in mind (without the flowers!). Her defining features are the freckles across her hose, bright blue eyes and amazingly thick, dark eyebrows.

This character is between 12-14 at the beginning of the story. She is smart, quirky and creative. She plays piano but is also a math genius. She lives in an apartment with her dad (a scientist and professor) and her dog. The setting for the story is a world inspired by our world at the beginning of the 20th century (from 1910-1920).

Photo by Cajo Gomes via Unsplash

What name do you think would be the best for this character? 

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Monday, January 1, 2018

PENuary is Officially HERE!

Happy New Year!

And Happy PENuary!

The official prompt list is now live. We start with the word snarling.

Participation in the PENuary writing challenge is simple. 

Write for a minimum of 20 minutes inspired by the one-word prompt.

You can write fiction, non-fiction or poetry. Write a sonnet or a short story. Heck, write a grocery list! What you write doesn't matter, so long as you write for 20 minutes.

Set the timer and go.

When finished, share on social media. You can share a portion of your day's work, the whole piece you wrote, or even how the experience of writing was for you today. 

Please retweet, share, and comment (kindly) on each other's work. Encourage other writers! And remember to use the official hashtags:




Write. Share. Repeat.

If you’d like more information about PENuary, please check out the official PENuary website or the PENuary Facebook page.

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