Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Makers PREORDER Announcement

Do you love to see life in numbers? If so, here are some stats from my life in 2015:  I travelled over 6,000 miles; saw nearly half a million people traipse by my table/booth at events; said good-bye to two loved ones; played over a hundred hours of Dragon Age Inquisition and Fallout 4; gained 25 pounds (but I deny a correlation between pounds gained and video game hours logged ;-); and - oh yeah - wrote my fifth novel!

H.A.L.F.: The Makers (Book 2 of the H.A.L.F. Series) is available for preorder NOW! *Does a happy dance* I'm so excited, a made a video. (You'll have to watch the video to see why I look like a reproachful librarian in this thumbnail.)


Link to PREORDER The Makers on Amazon:

Want to see if I'll be in a town near you this year? Stay up to date on my appearance/travel schedule here:

As usual, I tend to do things a bit bassackwards so you're getting a preorder announcement BEFORE a cover reveal! Go figure. But I promise you a cover tomorrow so come back to see the lovely package your new H.A.L.F. book will come in :-)

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