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Take a Bite out of First Fruits with Amanda Carney

Happy Writer Wednesday!

I'm happy to welcome author Amanda Carney back to the blog. I'm raising my glass and cheering for her as she has just released her first two novels: Cheers, Amanda! Enjoy that special feeling of a new book baby birthed into the world.

And Amanda is generously offering a free ebook to my readers (see the Rafflecopter at the end of the post). Learn more about Amanda and her fabulous new novels and don't forget to enter the Rafflectoper for your chance to win First Fruits:

Writing First Fruits and Second Coming 

By Amanda Carney

I’m so excited to have finally released my adult paranormal romance novels, First Fruits and Second Coming! These books have been in the makings for a long, long, time, so having them out there in the world is a really magical feeling. When I began First Fruits, it was just that—First Fruits. There was no Second Coming. But throughout the years, the novel underwent so many revisions by not only me, but by my amazing beta readers and dedicated editor, that it evolved into something that couldn’t be contained by only one novel. But long before I ever contemplated hiring an editor or even knew what a beta reader was, it was just me and my laptop in a camper. When inspiration for the novels struck, my husband and I were traveling with his work, so my days were spent wandering the campground with my dog and my nights hunched over my keyboard, whittling vampires and fairies into being with each tap of my fingers. So the story not only grew with me over the course of five years, but it also journeyed from state to state, the words rolling and bumping along just like our tires. We’re back home now, putting down roots once again, and First Fruits and Second Coming have finally ripened on their vines and are ready for harvest. It overwhelms and blesses me daily to know they’re filling people’s heads with visions of romance, treachery, and, of course, fangs.

About First Fruits:

Reading minds can be dangerous. 

Parsley Walker can hear people’s thoughts and it’s made her a target. As a natural born telepath who’s also telekinetic—two things that can be disturbingly lucrative in the wrong person’s hands—she’s learned to hide who she is. To be always moving and never at ease. To run from that inevitable moment of discovery. She’s a nomad in a waitress’s uniform. This is how she survives. 

Until him. 

Jesse Linwood is a vampire with a problem. An automaton with sharp teeth, he was sent to evaluate and ultimately abduct her. What he doesn’t expect is the way her blue eyes turn him inside out. Stalking her wasn’t supposed to make him feel anything. She was supposed be like all the others. He begins to unravel and, in the end, makes the choice to pick a fight he knows he cannot win in order to save her life. 

*PG-13 for erotic scenes and graphic violence.

Purchase First Fruits on Amazon:

First Fruits - Kindle edition by Amanda Carney, Keith Morrill, Emily Horn. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

About Second Coming:

There is no sanctuary without him. 

At last, she has it all. Everything she thought she’d never have. Acceptance. Friendship. Love. Parsley Walker is finally home. Allswell, the magical refuge for supernaturals, is all she’d imagined and more. She’s making friends. Learning not to hide her telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Learning not to fear. And most importantly, planning a future free from that ever present sense of foreboding with the vampire she loves. Her life, the life she was always meant for, is about to begin. 

Then she gets the letter that turns her new world upside down. 

Jesse Linwood has just done the hardest thing he’s ever had to do—turned his back on the only girl he’s ever loved. With Parsley safe in Allswell and believing he’s dead, Jesse returns to his sire, Patrick—the ancient, wicked vampire who lusts for Parsley’s blood—to convince him she’s somewhere he’ll never be able to find her. To eliminate the threat to her once and for all, even at the expense of Jesse’s own life. Because love isn’t about the heart. Love is about the soul and how much of it you’re willing to lose.

*PG-13 for erotic scenes and graphic violence

Purchase Second Coming on Amazon:

Second Coming (First Fruits Book 2) - Kindle edition by Amanda Carney, Keith Morrill, Emily Horn. Romance Kindle eBooks @

Amanda Carney grew up barefoot and freckle-faced in the beautiful hills and valleys of rural Ohio. She resides there still with her husband, loyal old dog, and menagerie of beloved cats. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a book in one hand and a crochet hook in the other. Follow her on Twitter @MandyLovesWords or on Facebook for updates on new releases, appearances, contests, and more.

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