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October 99 Cent Read Excerpt: Devdan Manor by Auden Johnson

Paranormal October is nearly over ;-( The month of October has flown by for me and Halloween is almost upon us. I don't even have a costume picked for this year. Time to punt on that one and pull out pieces of this and that from costumes past, add some makeup and hope for the best!

I'm pleased to have author Auden Johnson as a guest today with an excerpt of her story Devdan Manor. If this little morsel is any indication, Auden knows a thing or two about crafting dark and spooky scenes. 

And don't forget that the October Mega giveaway continues - make sure you comment, tweet, etc. to enter for a chance to win books from several of the awesome authors who have guest posted this month!

Excerpt of Devdan Manor

 by Auden Johnson

Devdan Manor by Auden Johnson
Black mold erupted on stage. It devoured the curtains. It crawled out the ceiling—rotting anything it touched. The rusted banister dropped to a pile of ash. Cyl pulled back from the balcony banister. Pieces of it dropped into the seat below. Black dust from the aging chandeliers rained down on them.
“Time to go.” Uryl backed away.

Cyl picked up Ryse and followed.

The floor dropped from under Nuall. She fell. She managed to slow her decent and land without making more holes.

“There’s another way out,” she called.

Burned holes opened in the seats and stairs. Cyl didn’t trust them.

He jumped through the hole Nuall fell through. Uryl and Ozais followed.

They raced from the theatre into what looked like an enclosed courtyard. The door slammed behind them. Cyl needed to see. He opened the door. Instead of a dying theatre, thick fog and a forest full of dark twisted trees spread out before them. Shadows bloomed like tall weeds. Each shaped like a demon—the ones that couldn’t pass as human. Some stood as tall as the trees. Others were no taller than his knee. They dominated this dark forest. White fog weaved between them. The trees’ twisted limbs swayed. They reached for the shadows. A figure appeared before Cyl. Too close. Tortured faces and arms reached through the shadowy body. Trapped souls. The mouths hung open in agony. The eye sockets were curled with glee.

Cyl slammed the door closed.

“Damn, I hate this house,” he said.

Book Description of Devdan Manor

What haunts demons?

Expelled from his birthplace for a power he couldn't control, Cyl Antun searches for a real home with his two siblings and longtime friend. 
Darkness falls. Vicious nocturnal demons close in on them. A mansion appears. They rush inside to escape the night terrors. Strange marking cover the walls. A black void now surrounds this house. They’re trapped. The mansion is empty. Yet, they are not alone.

99 Cent Alert!!! 

Devdan Manor is on sale for only 99 cents but hurry, sales ends 10/31/15!

As a kid, Auden created her own books by folding several construction papers in half and stapling them down the middle, adding her own illustrations. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get away from writing. She holds a B.A. in English, a M.S. in Library and Information Science and she studied Creative Writing in England. She’s an Author/Research Assistant for Aubey LLC and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY- working towards her Masters in Publishing at NYU. Her short stories and novellas are on Amazon. Book 1, The Sciell, and Book 2, Chains of the Sciell of The Merging Worlds series is now available. Her first non-fiction book, Building Dark Worlds: A World Building Guide, is also available.


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