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Writer Wednesday: Time to Fight or Take Flight with Chele Cooke

Welcome to Writer Wednesday! I am pleased to welcome back author Chele Cooke. I'm happy to share with you her new release, Fight or Flight. It's the follow up to Dead and Buryd (the Out of Orbit series). If you haven't already read Dead and Buryd, pick it up now! It's FREE on Amazon from July 25 to August 8. And grab Fight or Flight while you're there.

To whet your appetite, here is an excerpt from Fight or Flight. Enjoy!

Fight or Flight by Chele Cooke
Book 2 of the Out of Orbit Series
From Chapter 2: Promises and Protection

“Dhiren,” Georgianna began. “How did you… I mean, why did you agree to work for them?”

A soft sigh left his lips and he leaned forwards, resting his arms across his knees. He glanced at Georgianna before turning his attention back onto his boots.

“I didn’t have much of a choice.”

“But you’re… You could have defended yourself,” she argued. “You don’t need their protection like…”

“Like me” almost slipped from her lips, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. Dhiren tilted his head to the side and carefully stretched out his jaw, a click sounding from one of the joints.

“I did from the Adveni,” he admitted. “When I was captured, I knew that it would only be so long before I was given the rope. Vajra approached me. He said he would keep me from being executed if I worked for them.”

He gave a dismissive shrug.

He was older than her, perhaps by five or six years. She had often wondered about him, curious about what he’d done to get put into the compound, but she had never dared ask. 

He’d never been anything but kind and cheerful to her, but the opinions of the other inmates had often weighed on her mind.

She’d heard stories when she used to come into the compound on her medic visits, but it was only when she arrived as an inmate herself that the other inmates really began to talk. They told her everything she wanted to know. There were different stories, but the one she heard most often was that the brothers had been captured after the massacre of an Adveni transport almost six years before. Ta-Dao, the elder brother, and Vajra, the younger, had been informed that they would never leave the compound unless they were being put into the ground.

Funnily, there were no common rumours about Dhiren’s incarceration. Every person who spoke about it gave a different story, varying from the questionable to the downright insane. His story, according to most, was far more exciting than the brothers because he never talked about it. Georgianna wondered if anyone had bothered to ask him.

“What… What did you do?”

Dhiren’s eyes narrowed and he tugged at each of his sleeves in turn, covering up a little more skin. She wondered whether she had stepped too far. If she was wrong about people being afraid to ask him about his crime, he might not look at her the same way again. He didn’t speak to many of the other inmates and from what Georgianna had seen, he didn’t even speak to the brothers unless he had to. He watched her for a few moments, a calculating expression on his square face.

“Murder. Three Adveni.”

In an instant, the cautious look in his eyes was gone and he smiled proudly, almost childishly—a teenager boasting of his first hunting kill.

“That they caught me for.”

*     *    *

Oh, I love that last line. And I want to know more about Dhiren. How about you?

Links to Fight or Flight

And read Chele's bio and check out her social media links after the Giveaway.

Chele Cooke is an English-born writer based in London. Starting out writing fan fiction, she soon moved onto her own fiction, releasing her first novel, ‘Dead and Buryd’, in 2013, the sequel ‘Fight or Flight’ following less than a year later.

She is currently working on The Out of Orbit series, a number of short stories, a circus based sci-fi, and a paranormal serial currently released weekly on Wattpad.


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