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Friday Inspirations: How in the World Will Emily Defeat the Darkness?

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Hello Friday! And welcome to something new that I'm trying on my blog, Friday Inspirations.
When answering interview questions, interviewers often ask, "What's your inspiration?"
Sometimes a whole story may be inspired by one small thing - a song, a quote, an object, a dream or vision. For me, a lot of individual scenes or parts of a novel have specific inspiration pieces.

On Fridays, I'll post about various things that are inspirations for my work. My thought is that by sharing, it will give the reader insight into some of what makes my writer mind tick (I know, *scary*!). But I'm also thinking that some of the things that inspire me may inspire you too.

Right now, I'm writing Emily's Heart, Book 3 of the Akasha Chronicles. Anyone who has read Emily's Trial (Akasha Chronicles)knows that I left poor Emily in a precarious situation with lots of messes to clean up in Book 3! And I left myself with a hell of a mess too! *head slap*

One of the great puzzles for me, as the writer, is how Emily and crew will defeat the darkness that is spreading like a virulent malignancy throughout their world?

Last year at the Tucson Festival of Books, I came across a wonderful book:JESUS, BUDDHA, KRISHNA, LAO TZU: The Parallel Sayings. I've long been fascinated by the similarities between the world's great religions (I tend to see more commonality than dissimilarity, which makes it even crazier, in my mind, that so many wars have been fought - so many lives lost - over what is to me, a secular person, so very alike), and this book is fairly short and has quotes side by side for comparison.

Here are some quotes that are providing inspiration to me as I puzzle my way through writing Emily's Heart:
"Compassion is what gives me bravery. One cannot become brave without nurturing compassion. Battles are won by compassion. Mercy is victorious. Heaven belongs to those who are merciful." - The Tao Te Ching
Judas asked, "How should one begin to follow the Way?" Jesus answered, "Love and kindness." - The Gospel of the Hebrews
"Never in this world has hate ever cast out hate. Love alone wins over hate . . . with this and the knowledge that we will all die, how can you argue with each other?" - The Buddha
I've also been re-reading Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdomby John O'Donohue. I'm consistently amazed by the huge amount of simple wisdom packed into this small book. I like this quote about light and dark:
"We need a light that has retained its kinship with the darkness. For we are sons and daughters of the darkness and of the light." - John O'Donohue, p. 4, Anam Cara
Do you think you're seeing a pattern here? Think you know where the story might be going? Have I given away too much?!

Let me know what you think and I'd love to hear your quotes for what inspires you. Drop me a comment :-)

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