Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: A Priestess, An Apocalypse and a Crush

This Teaser Tuesday is brought to you by Emily's Trial, Book 2 of the Akasha Chronicles. Check it out:

Chapter 1:

The Apocalypse didn't start with four horsemen, harbingers of the horror to come. It didn't start with a plague, or pestilence, or even zombies rising from the dead.
It came slowly, and without warning. It crept up on people in the shadows, no more than a vague darkness that spread like an unseen cancer.
And it wasn't set into action by a divine hand. A teenage girl was the catalyst for the End Times.
I should know. I'm the one that started it.
I didn't plan to. I didn't want to start the End Times, and I'm not evil.
Madame Wong taught me to tell the truth, and so here it is. I'm the one responsible for the Apocalypse. And this is the story of how I unwittingly unlocked the door to the darkness; of how a Priestess of the Order of Brighid, entrusted with powerful magic that was supposed to be used for the benefit of all humankind, unleashed a force that would destroy it instead.
And it all began with desire.
.     .     .

I know, it's a short excerpt, but that's why they call it a teaser!

If you thought that was fun and would like to read more, you can download samples at the following stores:


Smashwords*: http://bit.ly/UJuq9M
            *At Smashwords you can download the version of your choice – for Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, PDF, etc. AND, here is a coupon code for 50% off Emily's Trial at Smashwords: PC28P

Amazon for Kindle: http://amzn.to/R58yyW

Apple iBookstore: http://bit.ly/UWeGeg


  1. I love that cover! The girl reminds me of a red-headed Jennifer Lawrence. It sounds great, too. Good luck! :-)

    1. Thanks Lexa, and thanks for stopping by :-)


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