Friday, October 26, 2012

Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party

Welcome to some Friday fun - the Spellbindingly Fun Party in celebration of the release of a fun novella written by one of my newest writer friends, Janice Horton. You can click on the picture to go see her blog and get your copy of How Do You Voodoo by Janice Horton. It is FREE, but for today only. And use hashtag #voodoo to follow the party on Twitter all day.

But before you run off, first you must check out my spell.

Janice gave us the task: Create one spell, but no curses. She gave us a fun ingredient list and we were off to spellcasting.

It was hard choosing a spell! But I finally came up with it. How about abundance. Abundance of health. Abundance of love. Abundance of joy. Abundance of wealth. Cast this spell for abundance of all wanted things in your life.

Multum Copia

You will need the following for your Multum Copia spell:

1 Sprig of Scottish Heather
1 charged Moon Stone
3 Dragon Tears
A Pinch of Pixie Dust
3 White Candles

Place all of your ingredients, except for the candles, in a beautiful silk bag, blessing each one. Then arrange your three white candles in a circle, place your blessed bag in the center, and light your candles while casting this spell:

With Scottish Heather
and Stone of Moon,
Abundance come
and none too soon.
The Dragon Tears
and Pixie Dust.
Abundance find me,
this magick a must.
I am open to abundance,
a well to fill.
Abundance in all,
but not of ill.
Love, Joy,
friendship, health.
When my cup is full of these,
the I shall know great wealth.

If you cast this spell, let me know how it works for you *wink*. And if you find dragon tears, let me know where you found them!

Now pop over to Janice's blog where you'll find a list of other fun spells in this Spellbindingly Fun party.


1 comment:

  1. Finally!
    A spell other than "Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather" :D

    Obtained my gratis "How Do You Voodoo?", to boot.

    Thx for the link!


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