Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday: Book Trailers, Covers & Arm Jewelry?

What does an author do when she she's not writing or editing her newest novel? She might be spending time meandering through Etsy, trying to find a jewelry artist brave enough to tackle the task of creating an Emily's House inspired armlet.
Emily's Torc, Hand-Crafted by Lady Steel
Isn't this awesome!! Lady Steel of 88Links took up my challenge and created a beautiful, handmade armlet, complete with Celtic twists and braids. Lady Steel has wonderful energy, so who knows, these beauties may be imbued with magical energy, just like Emily's.

I'll be giving some of these away during the release of Emily's Trial.

And when will that book release you ask?

Good question. I'm shooting for mid-October. Ambitious. I'll keep you posted, but you will definitely have a new Emily book before the end of the year.

And when not revising and playing with arm jewelry, I've been creating a book trailer for Emily's Trial. Shall I tease you for the teaser? 

Emily Adams, courtesy Getty Images
And what about this?
And finally, this . . .
Are you curious how romance and a graveyard mix? Me too! ;-)

A great book needs a great cover, right? I love what Claudia at Phatpuppy Art did for Emily's House.

But I think this next one is going to be even better. Claudia is now working with a great photographer, Teresa Yeh, to create original, custom photos for covers. Here are a few samples of the joint efforts of Claudia and Teresa:

Borrowed Ember (Fire Spirits #3)

Sneak Thievery (The Fade, #2)

And she is going to work on the cover for Emily's Trial! *squee* As I write this, Teresa is putting out a casting call to find the perfect Emily. We'll be working together to come up with an image that suits the flavor of Emily's Trial. Then it will be shifted back over to Claudia to apply her artistic talents to create a kick-ass cover.

I'll keep you posted and perhaps I'll have some fun behind-the-scenes stuff for you from the photo shoot. I feel a contest coming on. . .

As excited as I was for the release of my first novel, Emily's House, to the world last fall, I'm even MORE excited to bring you Emily's Trial. The journey continues . . .


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