Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Teen Reading Party with Rebecca Ryals Russell

The Teen Reading Party continues! Welcome to my guest today, Rebecca Ryals Russell, fabulous author of the Seraphym Wars Series. Check it out:

Rebecca Ryals Russell
Looking for Adventure, Romance, Paranormal mysteries in a Steampunk world filled with dragon-demons? The Seraphym Wars Series is what you need.

Beginning with the Prequel: Prophecy, discover the origins of the Prophecy and who is protecting it throughout the millennia until the seven holy children, the Vigorios, are called into service.

In Odessa, Book One, follow Myrna Ashlin Watts as she discovers who she is and why she was transported from Earth to Dracwald one night following the horrific murder of her beloved brother by three teens with red eyes. Fall in love with young orphaned Tien Nadia Sadayo who can speak with animals and understand them in return. Or be amazed by Brigid Saulwen Heulog’s ability to create weather on call as she rescues the Vigorios from one hazard after another. Or maybe you’ll fall in love with handsome, copper-haired mystery-man, Michael Clancy Branson, as he mentors Myrna while hiding a secret that would destroy their mission. Perhaps you lean more toward the shaggy, quiet Liam Fintanahuel Reilly who disappears on full moons but won’t tell anyone why. If not, then muscular, dark-skinned Conall Sean Wyman might pull your strings as he battles dragons determined to extract retribution for the murder of his family. Or lastly, there’s seductive & secretive Bartholomew who sets Myrna’s pulse racing whenever their paths cross.

Whichever character you fancy, you’ll love following their journey through the monster-infested forests, swamps, seas and savannahs as they struggle to survive while figuring out where they are headed and why. But Narciss, Ruler of Tartarus, home of condemned souls, has other plans for these teens and sends his three main henchmen, his Nefars, to locate them and kill them after learning their secrets. However, the Nefars each have their own agendas and quickly learn to watch their own backs in this dragon-eat-dragon world of Dracwald.

The remaining three Vigorios appear in Harpies, Book Two. Griffen Oisin Gilmore finds himself on a deserted beach far from his Outer Banks, SC home on Earth where he lives with his single mother, after being struck by lightning the night before. Led by a talkative little bird he begins a quest to locate two more teens he’s never seen before and lead them safely to an island he sees only in visions. Along the way angry, red-haired fire-bug Seth Tanguy Vritra joins the team followed by sad empathathic, Mercy Neave Hubert, who left home to live on the streets after her mother abandoned her. Together they journey down the Longslo River with a Burrowing Elf who is driven to join their quest. After hiring a strange boatman to guide them down the river Mercy begins seeing a muscular brown dragon following them. And soon the adventure turns dangerous until the group is focused more on survival than finishing their journey.

Load your Kindle with these books available on Amazon from Rebecca Ryals Russell:

All of the Seraphym Wars Series books are available as eBooks in any format by following these links. Odessa is also available in print.

Here are the links and topics detailing where I’ll be all month. Check them out and win PRIZES.
Comment on EACH of my postings (listed above with links) showing you read the posting. Commenters will acquire ONE point per comment. At the end, fill out the form on my blog, Under the Hat.
The prize? This lovely Phoenix medallion and a bag of swag including Odessa notepad, Seraphym Wars pen, Mind the Signs bookmark, coverart Postcards for each book in both series AND an eBook copy of my newest release: Harpies, Book Two Seraphym Wars Series.

Catch Rebecca at any of these links:

Rebecca Ryals Russell writes MG and YA Dark Fantasy while living with her family in a Victorian house on five acres of North Florida countryside. She also runs a Vacation Rental Log House on the property: Florida Black Bear Cabin.
She is a fourth generation Floridian having lived all over the state. The daughter of an Elementary-school principal and school secretary, she always knew she was bound for the classroom and for fourteen years she taught Middle Grades, preferring English and Creative Writing. She had several students’ works published in anthologies as well as her own poetry, photography and stories.
Her main interests are her four teenaged and young adult children and Irish hubby of many years. She enjoys spending her time writing, drawing, going to movies, reading, discussing philosophy and politics with her college-aged son.
Be sure to check out the special interactive Middle Grade Reader website Tween Word Quest for tons of information about Stardust Warriors as well as the other projects Rebecca has in the works and Under the Hat for all of her other works.


  1. Wow, awesome covers and the Seraphym Wars Series sounds great!!!! Need to add this to my summer reading line up!!!

    1. Yes Jan, I love the covers too, especially Odessa. Thank you for stopping by the blog today :-D

  2. Holy Smoles Rebecca...look at all your successes! Your book sounds awesome - and those covers!


  3. I'm not sure how Rebecca does it. I barely get my blog updated. Thank goodness for the Summer Teen Read or I wouldn't have anything to say at all.

    Congrats on your great success!

  4. Thanks for sharing more about the series. The books sound very good.


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