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Summer Teen Reading Party with Penny Estelle & Giveaway!

Penny Estelle
Welcome to this special Teen Reading Party edition of Writer Chat Wednesday! We're kicking off the May Teen Reading Party with my chat with another amazing Arizona woman and fabulous author, Penny Estelle. If you are a tween or know one, you really should check out Hike up Devil's Mountain, Penny's first published book.

NW: What books have you written so far?

Penny Estelle (PE)I have two MG/tween stories that are out right now, and one more will be out in May.

Hike up Devil's Mountain was my first published story. Three boys find their world turned upside down and their only hope lives on top of Devil’s Mountain.

A Float Down the Canal is a story of a twelve-year old girl who gets dumped on when her mother gets called into work and she has to cancel her plans.  When all is said and done, her worst day ever, becomes her best day and it all starts with the float down the canal.

Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare, which will be out in May, is about seventh grader, Billy Cooper, who has to do an oral report. He knows nothing about his subject, but figures he will skate by on this assignment with a quick search on the computer.  Everything changes when he meets his 14 century subject, face to face.

NW: What was the inspiration for your books?

PE: Hike up Devil's Mountain got started when my grandson was messing around with a dragon.  I came up with a plan, but it would be the end of my story.  All I had to do was come up with a beginning and a middle…! 

NW: What is your favorite scene from your book and why?

PEI have a few favorite scenes from HUDM.  It was just a fun story to write.  BUT if I had to pick something, it would probably be the dragon scene, because it takes a surprise turn that one just doesn’t see coming!

NW: What genre do you write in?

PE: Well so far, I have written only for the MG/YA and the stories have been fantasy/adventure/contemporary/time travel.  I will admit I have written two romance stories, but they are tucked away in a box in my closet – maybe never to see the light of day.

NW: What works in progress do you have?

PEI am HOPING to make my 3rd story, Billy Cooper’s Awesome Nightmare, into a series.  I have submitted a story about a snooty girl and a nerdy boy who head back to Revolutionary War days.  All this time travel starts in the same 7th grade history class taught by the same teacher.  I think today’s kids, with their sarcasm and wit, meeting up with legends of yesterday, plus throwing in some history, will make some great stories.

NW: Which character from your books do you like most / are most like?

PEThat is a tough one.  With only three books under my belt, it’s not like I have tons to choose from.  All my characters have streaks of sarcasm and I have been told I can be sarcastic, so therefore, I like them all!

NW: Which book do you wish you had written?

PEBack to the Future.  What an amazing imagination!

NW: If you walked through a portal to dimension without books, what three books do you want to take with you?

PEAny of Janet Evanovich’s #’d books, Kathryn Woodwiss’ The Flame and the Flower (I love that story and I read it 35 years ago) and as pathetic as this sounds, Rosemary Rogers Wicked Loving Lies. I would need some sort of smut to keep my mind busy if I had no books to read!

NW: Who is your favorite author and why?

PEI would have to go with Janet Evanovich.  I love her stories and just wait for the next one to come out!  They are funny and sexy!

NW: How long have you been a writer?

PEI wrote one of those romances I talked about earlier when I was in my mid twenties (100 years ago).  I put it in my closet and didn’t write anything again, until I retired. So maybe two years now.

NW: Do you have a “day job”? And if you do, what do you do when you’re not writing?

PEI am retired, but we live on 54 acres, so there is always stuff to do outside to keep this place going.  I really love going four-wheeling and exploring.  We have tons of dirt roads we go play on.

NW: Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

PEStephanie Plum.  She is a girl who always lands on her feet and takes everything life throws her way.  Plus, she has Ranger and Joe Morelli to play with.  Come on!

NW: What is your favorite part of the writing process?

PE: Writing, THE END

NW: Describe your perfect Saturday.

PE: I try to stay off the computer on Saturdays…so, getting up, having breakfast made for me (don’t get me wrong, my hubby is the cook, so that’s nuttin special) but then getting in the car and going somewhere – ANYWHERE.  I’m into day trips.

NW: What is your favorite movie – the one you can watch over and over again?

PE: Tremors

NW: What is your favorite band or musical performer?

PE: I like country music and I have many favorites…too many!

NW: What do you hope readers will take with them from your writing?

PE: That they liked my writing and want to see what else I have out there.  I think kids (especially tweens) need to read more and I hope my books get them to do just that.

Thanks Penny for stopping by and sharing your own story with us. And pick up Penny's book Hike up Devil's Mountain for just 99 cents for your Kindle!

You can connect with Penny on Twitter @Pennystales

And enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below to win a copy of Hike up Devil's Mountain.

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  1. Great interview and I too adore Ms. Plum. There's something about Evanovitch's humor that makes me, well, laugh until milk comes out my nose.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Conda and glad you enjoyed.

  2. Very fun interview. I prefer to read print books.


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