Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Bit o' Love & St. Patrick's Day Fun From my Pal Jennifer S. Devore

One of my best Twitter pals, Jenny Devore (@JennyPopNet), wrote a fabulous blog post celebrating St. Patrick's Day and the Emerald Isle titled: Happy St. Patrick's Day, Bram & Arthur, You Magnificent Bastards! With a title like that, you know you have to read it - click the link.

The lovely Jenny saw fit to mention me and my debut novel, Emily's House. I love her description of the book - don't think I've said it any better myself:

"One special note, though not Irish-born, but clearly with the lustrous locks of red ribbons and a visage of peaches and cream, Natalie Wright has the green genes. A desert gal of the American Southwest, she penned a tale amidst the Gila monsters and cacti. It is one of our modern world clashing and melding with that of ancient Ireland, Druidic magik, faeries, raucous and lost teens, glorious descriptives of the Fair Isle and, most excellent of all, the pursuit of a gold bracelet! Emily's House is a must-read this, or any time of year."

Jennifer has such an interesting writing style and she is always entertaining. I highly recommend following her blog.

I you've read Emily's House, what do you think of Jenny's description? Does it capture the essence of the tale?

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and tomorrow I'll post my own homage to Ireland.

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  1. I think Jenny's description is right on! ;) You're a doll to mention my blog and Moi so kindly. I've told many a folk about your novel and hope they've taken my suggestion to heart. Perchance my post will urge on some sales!

    Slainte chugat!


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