Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ball is Rolling Now

I can't believe the day is finally here, but I will be sending the Emily's House manuscript off to the book designer and the formatter by the end of the week.  The story is complete - last edits done.  Right now I'm working on those little details like the Acknowledgments page and author bio.

So it has been a long haul from the seed of an idea back in 2007 to the first tentative words plucked out on the word processor in 2008 to a finished manuscript.

What a long strange trip its been!

I pulled the excerpt that I had posted online here because I had changed it so much, the post was irrelevant.  I've decided to put up the prologue only at this time.

In other news, my friend Mark Corneliussen, photographer and video editor, has graciously volunteered to put together the book trailer.  I'm very excited to see how Mark takes my own vision of the story, layered with the musical vision of the story created by my wonderful friend and musician/composer extraordinaire, Jill Robinson of Jill Robinson Music, and adds his own touch to come up with two minutes that sums it up.  I'll post more about that as the project progresses.

Stay tuned.

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