Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sarah Conner vs. Ripley vs. Trinity: Tough Chicks Kicking Butt - Whose Your Favorite?

linda-hamilton sexy muscles
Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2
I'm a huge fan of female characters that can hold their own and kick some butt.  No waiting in a tower to be rescued.  So a few weeks ago I had to take a night off of writing when Terminator 2 was on.  Sure, Arnold's easy on the eyes (as least when that movie was made!).  And yeah, Robert Patrick is great as T 1000, the molten metal shape shifting machine posing as a cop.  But I'd watch that movie over and over just to see Linda Hamilton doing pull ups while she's in the crazy can.  Click on the link to see Linda scenes from T2.

Watching Linda kicking butt made me think of Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens movies.  In Aliens 2, her maternal instincts kick in and its mother vs. mother when she's battling the alien queen.

Then there's Carrie-Anne Moss, kicking serious butt in all three Matrix films.  I'm not sure there's ever been a character that looks this great while fighting for her life.

So what do you think - which one wins the prize for chick you'd most want watching your back if malevolent aliens were trying to take over the world?  Vote by posting your comments below.


  1. Trinity rules. She saves Neo's bacon so many times.

  2. ...I'd give a slight edge to Sarah, although I wouldn't pick a fight with Ripley on my strongest of days:)


  3. I have to scream, Anita Blake...from the vampire hunter series from Laurell K. Hamilton...I'm so diggin' on her undead vibe... :D

    I know, I know, she wasn't mentioned. I can't pick a fave with the chicks you listed above so I mentioned AB. [but]They're all ferociously beautiful~! Ha! How can we choose?

  4. I haven't read Laurell's work so now I've got to check it out! Undead tough chick - sounds right up my alley!


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